Tony Adams reviews England’s playing in a column for The Sun.

    On Tuesday, England beat Wales 3–0 without any major problems and, as expected, took the victory in Group B: three matches, seven points. In Sunday night’s quarter-final, they will face Senegal.

    Opener against Wales Marcus Rashford played cheerfully, scored twice and increased his number of tournament goals to three. The whole England team scored nine hits in the opening block – but Harry Kanethe goal king of the last games, the column screams zero.

    Tony Adamsthe curmudgeonly ex-tower of Arsenal and the England national team, voiced his concerns in his column for The Sun already during the Wales match.

    – We need Harry Kane, Adams insists.

    – He is one of the best top players in the world, as the number of goals shows, but if I played against him as a top player in Qatar, I could smoke a cigar.

    Kane has only had one shot on goal in three matches.

    – He goes deeper and deeper to get the ball, Adams says.

    – He is not played with his strengths. Currently, only in special situations does he come back to life and is dangerous.

    Kane has recorded three assists in the World Cup tournament.

    – Others have to feed him, Adams refrains.

    – He has to sink into the penalty zone. That’s where I want to see him, not ten meters on my side of the center line. There is no joy for him there.

    Harry Kane has played 224 final tournament minutes in Qatar without scoring. PDO