Toni Nieminen is trying to take his public image in a more matter-of-fact direction.

    Toni Nieminen and Janet’s beloved restaurant Rymy-Eetu at their 15th birthday. Matti Matikainen

    Former mountain eagle Toni Nieminen, 47, arrived with her fiancé Janet’s with the Helsinki restaurant Rymy-Eetu for his birthday. The two say that things are going well on the relationship front and in life. The couple enjoys a steady and serene family life in the capital region.

    Nieminen is currently working as a real estate agent, but has also begun to dream of working on television. Nieminen would be interested in working in the public eye, especially with factual programs. He could accept, for example, drinking water if offered to him.

    Niemi has a history with reality shows. In 2021, he participated in the celebrity season of Big Brother, from which he was evicted as the second. Reality shows don’t really appeal to Niemi anymore, although he doesn’t completely dismiss the idea of ​​participating in them.

    – We are already adults, whose life is a pretty serene family routine, so such a terribly dramatic reality TV format is not suitable for that. I prefer to do real work.

    Nieminen says that he has been asked a few times to participate in, among other things, Survivors, but he has not wanted to participate in the competition, at least so far.

    – In this situation, when you have to go to a jungle for a long time to survive and leave the Espoo cat at home, it would be so boring, Nieminen laughs, referring to his partner.

    Nieminen and Janet met in 2020. Janet works as a tax expert and group exercise instructor. The couple got engaged in August 2021.

    Toni Nieminen in an interview with Iltalehti in November 2022.