Roelof Hemmen has incredibly surprised the viewers of Eva Jinek by coming from behind his TV lectern for the first time. He walked to the talk show table at an unexpected moment yesterday.

    © RTL

    What Luuk Ikink was for RTL Late Night for years, Roelof Hemmen is now for Eva Jinek: the sidekick who talks TikTok videos and other news together. So far we have only seen the former newsreader behind his TV lectern, but last night that changed at an unexpected moment.

    “Come on in!”

    Shortly after some random clips, Roelof is invited by his colleague Eva to take a seat at the table. “Roelof, will you come and sit with us? We’re going to talk about music. Come and have a good time. Come join us. We have a chair for you,” said the presenter.

    Roelof plays as if he is completely off his apropos. “I actually like it here…”

    Eva: “Yes, I understand that, but come along!”

    ‘Cozy at the table’

    Once at the table, Roelof is warmly welcomed by Eva. “Roelof, how nice that you are sitting at the table.”

    Roelof is there because of a topic about some ranking of great artists. According to him, Johnny Cash should be in the highest echelons. “It’s a shame he’s at 85.”

    Eva at the end of the broadcast: “Roelof and I will be back on Monday. Are you going to stand there again or sit here?”

    Roelof: “I like it here.”

    New setup?

    It is not clear whether Eva and Roelof allude to a possible new set-up, in which Roelof takes a seat at the table instead of behind his high desk. Such a new set-up was recently recommended by TV connoisseur Raymond Mens.

    Raymond: “I don’t understand why they put Roelof Hemmen in a corner behind the bar. Put that man at the table. And put someone else at the table, that you form a kind of trio every day. A trio with someone who explains more, someone who gives his opinion more and Eva who then talks it together. And then you look for one or two good guests.”