Tommi Liimatainen cracked a joke about spending Christmas with Katri Helena: “Let’s go as a racket boy”

Katri Helena and Tommi Liimatainen also tell Iltalehti how they plan to continue their evening after Linna’s party.

A respected singer Katri with Helena78, and his manager spouse Tommi Liimatainen46, has had a busy evening.

They have had a social evening when, among other things, they have given interviews to representatives of various media. Helena is familiar with the situation, as she is already at Linna’s party for the seventh time.

Liimatainen is at the Independence Day celebrations for the second time. The manager tells Iltalehti whether it has been easy to try to relax on a party night when they want to be constantly talked to.

– Yes, without a doubt, the pace has been quite fast. This is quite a squeeze considering the time it took to prepare. But being Katri’s avec here is a great honor. I will remember every moment, he says.

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Katri Helena sparkled at Linna’s party in a dark blue dress designed by Jukka Rintala, which was inspired by her song I see the blue sky. Mikko Huisko

However, the couple has had time to spin on the dance floor. Liimatainen calls himself a “dancer with iron bars”, but what does his spouse think?

– Very well! I was mostly walking on Tommi’s toes, he says with a smile.

Helena says that they might possibly go to the official continuation of the party, which will take place at Hotel Kämp. Liimatainen has a slightly different idea of ​​the continuation of the evening.

– Personally, the work shift ends when we leave the door to the yard. I haven’t been to a bar in 20 years. But if Katri Helena wants to continue, I will definitely go along. Let’s enjoy this so-called “amusement park wristband” until the end, says Liimatainen.

Finally, Liimatainen makes a little joke about their Christmas party.

– There are Christmas plans with Katri’s family – the bat boy will go along with it then. I hope I get a Christmas meal to eat. We celebrate quite calmly, says Liimatainen.

– It sounds really good, I accept this, Helena says to her spouse’s answer.