Hear who knocks there children? It’s neighborhood piet with a surprise for Zoetermeerers! The editors raffled off a sprinkle Sinterklaas box full of delicacies 32 times.

    The box contains a milk chocolate letter, artisan chocolate spice nuts, a drink mix, a bag of spice nuts and a Sinterklaas sticker. That will be delicious on December 5th!

    Win a Sinterklaas box

    The box is ideal for families from Zoetermeer who celebrate Sinterklaas evening together, but also great for groups of friends. Due to the wide variety, there is something delicious for everyone. If you are one of the 32 (!) lucky winners, you don’t have to stay at home to receive it, because the box fits through the letterbox.

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    That’s how you can win

    In total, indebuurt raffled a Sinterklaas box worth 10.95 euros each 32 times. Make a chance? Sign up below for the newsletter of indebuurt Zoetermeer. You will then automatically participate in the giveaway and will be kept informed of the latest news and inspiring stories from Zoetermeer. Have you already subscribed to the newsletter? Don’t worry, you can still participate in the action. You will of course not receive duplicate newsletters. You can participate until November 27, 2022. The winners will be notified.