To the market! Finland won gold at the chef Olympics

Finland won double gold at The IKA Culinary Olympics.

Pictured is Compass Group Culinary Team Finland, which won gold. The team includes ten kitchen professionals who work in Compass Group restaurants all over Finland. Compass Group

Finland has won gold in one of the world’s most demanding cooking competitions. In the IKA Culinary Olympics competition organized in Stuttgart, Germany, Finland managed to get first place in two different categories.

The Finnish Compass Group Culinary Team Finland team and the Finnish Kokkimaa team both won gold in their respective series.

The gold in the Community Catering competition series was shared between the Finnish and Swiss teams. The Finnish national team of chefs won gold.

A prestigious competition

The tough competition has seen more than 1,200 participants from 55 countries prepare more than 7,000 high-quality menus or showcase their creativity in culinary exhibitions.

Teams from 21 countries from different parts of the world competed in the Community Catering series. Finland was represented in this series by Compass Group Culinary Team Finland. According to the company’s press release, the team already secured its position among the top four on the day of the competition, when it was awarded the prestigious gold level medal.

In addition to Finland, teams from Norway, France and Switzerland reached the gold level. In the series, the competition menu had to be prepared for 120 people.

In the national team category, Finland finally won the competition. Switzerland finished second and Iceland third. The team impressed the jury with its precision and artistry, the competition website says.