“To have healthy relationships, you have to have uncomfortable conversations”

What is a relationship if it is not the meeting of two worlds?

What is the meeting of two worlds if it is not the meeting with difference?

Starting from that basis, it is impossible to think that dissent, disagreement, friction, debate and discussion are not part of a bond. Basically because it is made up of two people who come with their combo of stories, forms, experiences, values, ideals and ways of reading life.

So when there are no uncomfortable conversations in a relationship, it is because one of the two is keeping quiet. Someone is not talking. It is not manifested, it is not expressed.

There is someone who allows what should not be allowed. Someone who tolerates, who endures.

Someone who is silent out of fear. Because either camouflaged and hidden, or totally exposed; fear of loss is always at play.

And maintaining silence has a very high cost.

It devours us. It oppresses us. It hurts us. It represses us. The absence of sound triggers a stunning noise inside us that needs to come out.

We have to talk. You have to express yourself. You have to disagree to agree.

You have to get uncomfortable.

It is the only way to build something healthy.

Because if the cost of being able to sustain a relationship is losing the freedom to be able to externalize our needs, desires and limits; It’s not worth living.

A bond broken by an uncomfortable, sincere and honest conversation is always better than a bond broken by alienation and the accumulation of silent feelings that only consume us from the inside.

Facundo Olivares – Writer

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