Title match Donovan Wisse moved to event where Rico Verhoeven fights | Martial arts

Donovan Wisse and Michael Boapeah will still fight each other for the Glory middleweight championship belt. Initially this was supposed to happen in October, but Wisse became ill during his preparation and canceled. Now the match will take place at Collision 6 in the Arnhem Gelredome, when Rico Verhoeven will also be in action.

Wisse (26), who fights for Suriname, has defended his title in the middleweight class three times and has won eight times in a row at Glory. The 23-year-old Boapeah (Ghana), in turn, only made his debut for the organization last year and worked his way up to a title shot. The match was initially planned for Glory 89 in Bulgaria, but Wisse contracted the dengue virus during his preparation.

In addition to the title fight between Wisse and Boapeah, Glory will also soon officially announce a fight between light heavyweights Ibrahim el Bouni (31) and Stefan Latescu (21) at Collision 6, to be held on November 4. That evening, Rico Verhoeven (against Tariq Osaro) and Donegi Abena (against Tarik Khbabez) will defend their heavyweight and light heavyweight titles respectively. Welterweight Hamicha and middleweight Serkan Ozcaglayan are also in action at Collision 6.

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