Reality TV star Vilma Karjalainen changed her spending habits in the grocery store. Now he has a nice amount of money left for savings.

    TV star Vilma Karjalainen reveals Mamma Mia podcast in the latest episode, how he has saved a decent sum in a very simple way.

    Karjalainen is in a relationship with Juuso Lehmusvyöry. They have two children together. The family recently bought a detached house in Nummela.

    Vilma Karjalainen had to take strict savings measures before buying a house. Sami Kuusivirta

    In the podcast episode, Karjalainen says that he is a careful consumer in the grocery store.

    – I have saved thousands of euros when I switched to buying red label meats, says Karjalainen.

    Red label products refer to products in grocery stores with a red discount label. The most common reason for a discount is an upcoming date.

    Vilma relies on red label products when grocery shopping. Sami Kuusivirta

    Karjalainen assures that buying red labels has brought clear savings.

    – The more I started using them red label, the more money we got to save. We now have such a situation in the family that we almost never eat anything but red-labelled meat, he continues.

    – Within a few months, it will roughly save 1,000 euros, Karjalainen estimates.