Temptation Island A familiar ex-couple from Finland Vilma Karjalainen and Juuso Lehmusvyöryn the second child together was born in June. Now Vilma reveals the baby’s name on Instagram.

    – Our dear, wonderful son Leon Aleksander Lehmusvöry.

    In connection with the publication, there is a tender picture of little Leon in his parents’ arms. Vilma writes that Leoni means lion.

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    – We want to raise both of our children to be as strong as possible. For us, strength means having the best possible self-esteem, courage is also showing weakness and speaking out about fears, strength is showing all your feelings and also snuggling under your parent’s arm, extreme strength is telling when you are scared and daring to be vulnerable when you feel like it, Vilma writes in connection with the picture.

    – It is our job to support you on your own journey, which content you decide yourself, of course we try to guide you to the right choices! I hope that we parents can offer you the best possible food for life, at least we try our best. Our dear son, Leon Lehmusvöry.

    Juuso also published the same text on his account. In the picture, Juuso is alone with his little son.

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    Vilma and Juuso already have a 2-year-old daughter Nella Josefiina Lehmusvöry.

    Juuso and Vilma had already divorced when the second child was born. Inka Soveri

    Vilma told about Leon’s birth on June 19 on her Instagram account.

    – This is where the baby bubble begins, he wrote.

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    Vilma told the news about the pregnancy that it was a surprise baby. She and Juuso had actually already divorced, but then she got pregnant.

    – We had an emotional breakup, where we wanted to remember good things and I got pregnant. So I really didn’t know this then. I found out about this pregnancy in the middle of October. Such a last flying experience, and then a child came out of it, Vilma said.

    The ex-couple has a daughter, Nella, born in the summer of 2020. Sami Kuusivirta