Julia and Esa, known from Temptation Island, have had their first child.

    Julia and Esa found each other on the set of the Temptation island program. FOUR

    Familiar from the island of seductions Julia and Esa have had their firstborn son. Pienokainen was born prematurely on September 30. The baby weighed 2100g at birth and was 41 centimeters long.

    Julia posted on her Instagram writing in the stories section, where he opened the birth process. Stories are available for viewing 24 hours after publication.

    – In the morning, our son came into this world and we immediately heard the little one’s first cry or scream. We both started crying from happiness.

    He continues by telling how Esa went with the child for a check-up and to the neonatal intensive care unit. Julia still had to be quilted and wake up because of her high blood pressure.

    In the afternoon, the new mother was able to meet her babies in the intensive care unit.

    – I didn’t let the little one off my feet for hours.

    The baby’s weight of just over two kilograms was a positive surprise, as the baby was born prematurely. The calculated time for the little one was in December.

    – At first, the breathing could not succeed on its own, but before anything could be done about it, the boy decided to breathe on his own. We are all fine now and we hope that the back pack will not come again.

    Finally, Julia writes that she is trying to rest and get her breast milk to rise.