The streetscape of Zoetermeer can change during the year. For example, if a new business opens. Would you like to know which shops and catering establishments are new in Zoetermeer? Sign up for the hotspot alert!

    How does the indebuurt hotspot alert work? When a business opens in Zoetermeer, the editors of indebuurt often write an article about it. Think of a new catering business in the center or a new clothing store on the outskirts of the city. If you sign up for the hotspot alert, you will immediately receive an email if indebuurt writes an article about it. This way you are always informed!

    Hotspot alert from the neighborhood Zoetermeer

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    Why signing up for the hotspot alert is a good idea

    • Because Zoetermeer is full of creative entrepreneurs who open nice businesses.
    • So you know where to plan your next dinner party!
    • To impress your friends with your big city knowledge.

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