Tinder’s new feature allegedly increases hits by up to 67% – Not yet in Finland

Tinder is fighting against fraudsters by offering a stronger identification method in more and more countries. It has been testing the feature in Australia and New Zealand.

Tinder users in Great Britain, the United States, Brazil and Mexico will soon have to send the company a photo of their passport if they want the most robust verification for their user account. It is not known when the voluntary feature will become available in other countries.

The user account is currently verified on Tinder by the user taking a video selfie of himself and sending it to the company through the application’s settings. The video is compared to the user’s Tinder profile picture, and if the pictures show the same person, the user gets a sign on their profile confirming their user account.

According to Tinder, by doing this, a person can show other users that they are the same person as in their photos. However, Tinder admits that it is not a 100% sure confirmation.

Possibly for this very reason, it also offers a stronger identification practice than before.

Papers, please

In the future, if the user wishes, he can identify himself even more strongly by showing his passport or driver’s license with the mentioned selfie video. At the same time, the user’s age is confirmed.

According to the company, this reduces the possibility of so-called catfishing. The term catfishing refers to a romance scam in which the scammer begins to interact with the target on the Internet while pretending to be someone else.

67 percent more hits

Tinder introduced a similar authentication method in Australia and New Zealand in 2023.

According to the company, authenticated users have received an average of 67 percent more hits in these countries compared to unauthenticated users.

Sources: BBC, Tinder