Times learned about London’s intention to transfer weapons to Kiev for the defense of Odessa

London will supply Kiev with weapons for the defense of Odessa, writes The Times. In particular, we are talking about anti-ship missiles, disposable drones and anti-tank guns.

Britain intends to supply Ukraine with anti-ship missiles for the defense of Odessa. This was stated to ministers by the head of the British government Boris Johnson at a meeting of the National Security Council, informs The Times, citing sources among officials in the kingdom.

“We have a list of what they need, and we try to satisfy it in what we can,” said the source of the publication (quoted by “RIA News”).

Among other things, London plans to supply Harpoons anti-ship missiles, Switchblades disposable drones, and anti-tank guns capable of hitting fired artillery shells, the newspaper writes.

Zelensky appealed to the United States with the words “just give us missiles”

At the end of March, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace announced London’s intention, together with its allies, to transfer more heavy weapons to Kiev. He clarified that we are talking about air defense systems, ammunition and long-range artillery.