“Time to draw the line”: Horner refuses questions about suspended employee, but does speak about Verstappen | formula 1

The Red Bull Racing employee who has accused team boss Christian Horner of sexual misconduct was suspended at the beginning of this week. Horner himself did not address that issue at a press conference, but did give his (confident) vision about Max Verstappen’s future at Red Bull.

The employee who accuses Christian Horner of sexual misconduct has been suspended by Red Bull Racing. In recent weeks, the woman has been working as usual at the Red Bull Racing factory in Milton Keynes and she is currently also being paid. It was previously announced that the woman is still considering (legal) next steps.

Team boss Horner convened a press conference in Saudi Arabia, where the second grand prix of the season will take place next weekend, but did not respond to questions about the employee. “I cannot comment on a confidential matter between an employee and the company.”

Horner himself made it clear to the assembled press that he had gradually had enough of the case. “It’s time to draw a line under it. We are here to race. Let us put the spotlight on the cars and drivers again, as it should be. A lot of attention has been paid to this matter. So much that it has been extremely stressful for my family. Others have also tried to take advantage of this situation. Naturally, there have been internal discussions, but the complaint has been fully processed and rejected. Now is the time to move on.”

Christian Horner in Jeddah. © AP

Horner himself was of course also asked about the relationship with the Verstappen family and the future of the three-time world champion at Red Bull. “I am sure that Max will still be driving with us next season,” Horner sounded confident. Max has a great team around him here and we have achieved a lot together. Max has a contract until 2028 and both parties are keen to build on our successes.”

The team boss kept quiet about the statements of father Jos Verstappen, who wants to see Horner leave. “Max’s father obviously played a key role in his career. But Jos and Max are two different people. It is not my place to communicate the opinions of a father and a son and their relationship.”

“We also had a discussion, but we are now looking ahead. If we want to continue to achieve as much success as we have in recent years, we must continue to work together in good harmony. We both want to get the best out of his son. And we have agreed that we will now look to the future again.”

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