Tim den Besten fled to the Hungarian capital Budapest to recover from the emotional radio interview about his Sinterklaas song. “He was on Radio 1 with a drug hangover!”

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    It has been a tough few days for Tim den Besten. The VPRO star joined the live broadcast from the Canal Parade in Amsterdam on Saturday, just when his good friend Nicolaas Veul passed by in a boat. He then jokingly sang a line from a Sinterklaas song: ‘Sinterklaasje, come in with your servant!’

    Fled to Budapest

    Tim became in no time dismissed as racist. The presenter was therefore forced to apologize on NPO Radio 1. Today, two days later, he fled by plane to the Hungarian capital Budapest. He hopes to spend a number of carefree days there with TV colleague Tamar Bot.

    Hopefully Tim will take a good rest, because according to 3FM DJ Mark van der Molen it is obvious that he was in the studio of Radio 1 on Monday with a huge drug hangover. “I just think you shouldn’t do an interview with a drug hangover on Radio 1. That’s just not what you should do,” he says.

    drug hangover

    Mark thinks that Tim has reacted very emotionally unstable. “I haven’t been able to open a website for three days without seeing that fragment of (puts on crying voice, ed.): ‘Very bad. Then I go to Starbucks and there are all black people there.’”

    He continues: “What is this? So this is what happens when you’ve used up all your dopamine and you sit on Radio 1 shaking from a drug hangover. Yes, then you will cry!”


    Tim’s controversial Sinterklaas song:


    His emotional apology interview on NPO Radio 1: