Land evening outings are the best occasions to show off special outfits. From dinners to aperitifs, up to the most exclusive parties, since we have returned to worldly life any occasion is good for an elegant outfit. But time is not always on its side, with appointments overlapping each other and increasingly longer working days. Easy to compose, always at hand, but not trivial for thisHere are 5 on-trend looks that only take a few minutes to create.

    Fancy mini dress

    When looking for inspiration for an elegant outfit, the first things to consider are the place and atmosphere of the evening. A mini-dress it is always a certainty, on every occasion. For Summer 2022, all the cut-out models, with rouches and recalling, are very trendy the aesthetics of the 2000s. Colorful and iconic prints make even the simplest designs infallible allies, to which you can combine sandals with heels and mini bags.

    Kendall Jenner with Versace minidress.

    Monochrome look

    In fashion there are tricks with which to obtain impeccable looks by preparing in less than 2 minutes in front of the wardrobe. The first is to dress by focusing everything on a single color. A choice that may seem trivial, but which always returns an accurate and refined image. Which shade to choose? Obviously the trendy ones: V lime green, schoking pink, electric blue. Boldness always pays off.

    Leonie Hanne with an elegant lime green and purple outfit.

    90s tank top and statement skirt

    Most of the time the elegant outfit you want is already in your wardrobe. It is enough to know how to identify it. The tank top everyday, ribbed like those of the 90s, it becomes the protagonist of elegant and fast outfits. How? Combining it with a statement skirt: from the 50s wheel models to those covered with sequins or feathers.

    Skirt + tank top according to summer trends.

    With a game of contrasts, you are ready for glamorous dinners and aperitifs.

    Five ways to combine green: the liveliest color of summer

    Body and jeans

    The great classics have no season, but only different ways to be matched. Focusing on ensembles that have already been worn several times and are sure of success, is the smartest choice you can make when you have little time to prepare. Nothing beats ithe charm of a pair of jeanslong or shorts, and a black bodysuit with a contemporary silhouette. To be combined with brightly colored shoes and an it-bag with character.

    A street style look from Paris Fashion Week 2022.

    The total white suit

    It enhances the tan and is a symbol of class and elegance. The white suit is the must-have of summer 2022. You choose according to your physicality and taste: with palazzo pants, cigarette pants, Bermuda shorts, with a jacket or vest. And it goes well with nude accessories: beige, silver or gold. Easy to locate inside the cabinet e fresh in its linen and silk versionsand the coup de theater to pull out when in a hurry.

    Time is not always an indicator of quality. Getting dressed quickly and well is possible, just focus on the right clothes.