Made with love, crafted with soul. In the heart of Italy.

    Classic meets style

    Bags are among a woman’s most important companions. They are no longer just an accessory, because they say a lot about the wearer. Orciani stands for timeless bags “Made in Italy” that enhance every look. In Italy, the models are a must have and we show the best inspirations for the coming winter season.

    Fancy shoulder bags

    Shoulder bags are known to be practical and can do everything – the perfect companions in the morning to the office with a laptop and documents, as well as in the afternoon to a play date with snacks and toys. Orciani offers every type of shoulder bag, from classic and elegant to sporty and hip.

    Here is a selection.

    Classic tote bags

    The Ofelia is a classic of the Orciani bags and is available in two sizes: medium and large. When it comes to leather, women can also choose between calfskin and suede. And when it comes to colors, there is something for every type – from classic nuances such as black, brown and beige to unusual colors such as turquoise or ocher here below.

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    Cool mini bags

    The small bags for big adventures: the mini bags! You can always take them with you and they only contain the bare essentials: mobile phone, lip gloss, handkerchiefs and keys. It can be “armed” for the next event or party, or even a wedding. Here are the highlights of Orciani.

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