Tim Burton’s birth chart, Virgo from the gothic horoscope

folle, dreamlike and lonely. How many sequence shots in the Natal Chart of Tim Burton, Virgo with the jolt of a Gemini ascendant. Intellectual synergy dominated by Mercury always in the sign of Earth in the fourth house, home of the family, like the Sun.

Catherine Zeta Jones is Morticia Addams in

What does it mean? It means the director’s talent was born in the home during an isolated childhood, spent drawing and watching horror movies. At the age of 14 you win a competition organized by a waste disposal company. Soon the city will be covered with her drawings.

At 24 he released his first black and white short film Vincent, a teenager who fantasizes about horror stories. But the turning point is 1990 with a masterpiece like Edward scissor hands played by a very young Johnny Depp.

Tim Burton was born on August 25, 1958 (photo Getty Images).

Neptune in Scorpio is the poetic probe that intercepts pain, the sense of exclusion and freedom in this Pinocchio built by a scientist who dies leaving him without hands, with ten scissors instead of fingers. Venus and Uranus in Leo tell the narrative fervor.

The Moon in Capricorn reveals an absent mother and the need for a female figure. After the wedding with Helena Bonham Carter today he is next to Monica Bellucci, Libra with a Capricorn ascendant conjunct the director’s Moon. Is it the perfect match?

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