Till Lindemann’s new album is only available HERE

Till Lindemann’s new solo album, which has been announced for some time, will be released on November 3rd. “Zunge” can already be pre-ordered on the Rammstein website and is available in several formats.

For the price of 60 euros the plate is as limited CD edition available. According to the website, it contains the following features:

  • black bowl (dimensions 33x26x12 cm) shrink-wrapped
  • Decorative cushion (dimensions 50x27cm) in 3D flesh look with inner pocket and inner cushion
  • Album “Zunge” on CD (Digipak format) in the inside pocket
  • Material: Shell and sealing film: food-safe PP plastic, cushion 100% polyester

The CD variant costs 18 euros (jewel case, 28-page booklet). It’s also for 35 euros Vinyl version in the Rammstein shop available (2LP gatefold, 180g, 16-page booklet, printed sleeves).

“Tongue” will most likely also be available on all common streaming platforms. The single of the same name can already be heard.

Why can’t I pre-order Tongue on Amazon?

Universal and Till Lindemann have decided that the musician can self-publish his recording, which has been completed for some time. The allegations of alleged abuse led to the label temporarily distancing itself from the band and the singer. There are currently no promotional activities for the musicians. This apparently also includes the production process of the new solo LP. For this reason, the record is currently only available for pre-order in the Rammstein shop. Anyone who searches on Amazon and other online purchasing portals will not find what they are looking for at the moment and will probably not find it in the next few weeks. Spotify currently lists Till Lindemann as the copyright and not Universal.

The label commented on the matter “TIME online”:

“In order for the album to be released in time before the concert tour planned for November 2023, Till Lindemann and Universal Music have mutually decided that Till Lindemann can release this album without Universal Music. We will inform you about future publications in due course.”

The release of “Zunge” as an album had long been planned for autumn 2023. The release date on November 3rd corresponds to the singer’s upcoming solo tour, which begins on November 8th in Leipzig. 24 gigs in 13 European countries have been announced until December 20th, some of which are already sold out. The Till-Lindemann.com website says this in juicy advertising language:

“TILL LINDEMANN is not just a talented musician, he is a phenomenon. His concerts are as impressive as a volcanic eruption when you stand at the epicenter and sing “Get up!” at the top of your lungs. Millions of fans around the world are amazed by his charisma, artistry and raw energy.”

What is promised for the performances is “more metal, old and new songs, more videos, special effects and the incredible presence of one of rock’s best frontmen.”

The controversial video for the song “Zunge”: Reckoning?

Till Lindemann caused a stir with his new solo song and the accompanying video. In the clip he endures all sorts of painful and dangerous actions. The images in the video and the lyrics of the song initially suggested that Lindemann was settling scores with his critics. However, this cannot be true for chronological reasons; according to Lindemann’s own statements (this was obviously important to Lindemann as a mention), the song and video were developed years before the allegations of abuse. In an interview, circus director Edgard Zapashny, who made his tigers available for filming, confirmed the year the clip was created: 2019.