Tilburg, Den Bosch and Loon op Zand will receive 5 million euros for flex homes

Three municipalities in Brabant will jointly receive a financial injection of 5 million euros from the government for the construction of flex homes for temporary accommodation. These are Tilburg, Den Bosch and Loon op Zand.

The municipality of Tilburg will receive the largest amount: 4,020,000 euros. This is followed by Loon op Zand, which will receive 720,000 euros, and Den Bosch will receive 528,000 euros. A total of 22 million will be distributed among thirteen municipalities in the Netherlands. Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Housing) announced this on Tuesday.

1865 homes in two years
The cabinet is in a hurry to build flexible housing for refugees, among others, who are allowed to stay in the Netherlands. In total, 1865 of these homes are to be built in the thirteen municipalities. The first houses must be ready in 2023, the last no later than 2024.

The houses are intended for people who urgently need a roof over their heads. They can be built quickly and will last ten to fifteen years.

This year, 2,500 flexible homes must be added to the planned 5,000. In the following two years, the aim is to build 15,000 units per year.

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