Tights 2023: women’s fashion winter stockings trends

Prhyme were in, then out, then back in: now what? Tights have had their ups and downsbut no one would have ever thought that in Winter 2022/2023, with the naked trend advancing, they would be so popular. On the legs of celebrities and stars, to seal a look with a retro charm. Or wisely exploited by the more experienced it-girls, for elevate layered looks with geometric patterns or bright colors. Other than Befana stockings: here are the fashion trends in terms of 2023 tights with which to inaugurate this new year of style.

Pantyhose stockings are in fashion, star’s word

Before getting to the heart of the season’s trends, it is good to clarify a basic concept. 2023 tights are a must, which celebrities and stars just can’t do without. Put on under important faux furs in honor of the 80s style, or with just a pair of briefs and a sweater, copying the Kendall Jenner’s new favorite styling.

They bring back one nostalgic sophisticationmixed with modern and current details.

Kendall Jenner with Calzedonia tights, Bottega Veneta bag and sweater and Saint Laurent sling-back.

Befana stockings have become the glamorous detail which cannot be missed.

Sheer tights, how to combine them with style inspired by the stars

Colours, weaves and patterns: the 2023 tights trends

From the parade Valentine’s PPink to the sparkling collaboration of Wolford with Sergio Rossi: the 2022 2023 tights are tinged with bold nuances. From the fuchsia to the redpassing through the green and the blue, daring is the imperative. Even the classics are back, with increasingly complex designs and a dark twist in lace. Rhombuses and geometric designs alternate written and spokenup to the coolest designs of all, with the logos of top bands, such as Balenciaga, Gucci And Versace. Under strobe lights they reflect Swarovski And beads which completely cover sheer stockings like the more opaque ones.

Space for stockings: protagonists of the new looks

The real revolution of 2023 tights is theirs starring role. For this season they come out of the linen drawer and stand out in the most sought-after wardrobes. Under the simplest office looks they continue to be the perfect anti-cold trick. But with tulle evening dresses, 2000s micro skirts and elegant midi skirts they demonstrate their versatility, adapting to combat boots, décolleté and open toe sandals. Often chosen in the same shade as the socksfor a color block look that slims the figure and adds a few extra centimetres.

There is no dress code that can stop them: 2023 tights go well with everything. Wearing and matching them has never been so fun.