Ticket sales for comedy show Chris Rock on the rise after Oscar incident | show

Rock kicks off tryouts of his show in Boston on March 30, and officially kicks off on April 2 with his Ego Death World Tour. The comedian travels to more than thirty cities in the United States during his tour, which he is doing for the first time in five years.

According to a spokesperson for TickPick, one of the largest ticket sellers in the US, more tickets were sold for Rock’s show after the Oscar incident than in the entire month before. Prices have also skyrocketed: where the cheapest ticket cost 41 euros on March 18, visitors now pay no less than 310 euros for it. And according to TickPick, the tickets are flying out the door, despite the price increase.

In addition to Boston, Rock performs in Las Vegas, Denver, Oakland, New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Seattle. He will conclude his tour on November 17 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.