Thuram Sportweek, journey into Marcus’ origins

“Marcus trained with the boots worn by Lilian in the 2006 final.” Gilles Bibé, coordinator of the Athletic Club, explains how the Inter player was formed: “he was already projected towards professionalism, he decided the matches alone”

The ABC of football states: genetics is not enough. For a Marcus Thuram, a Lilian behind him is not enough. It also takes something else to become a striker capable of taking over Inter a few months after arriving – a couple of years late – in Milan. Marcus’ ABC is Acbb: it changes little. He stands for Athletic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt, a fundamental hub in the growth of the young Thuram, a promising teenager with a prestigious DNA, yes, but also with a great desire to work hard. A two-year period, 2010/12, which marked the career of the current Nerazzurri number 9, before his transfer to the Sochaux youth team, the team with which he would then make his professional debut, in Ligue 2, in 2015. With Lilian always at his side: father and advisor, friend and guide, architect in building his son’s future.