Thrift store Groene Ezel fears for survival due to bureaucracy

As of today, thrift shops must register all products that are brought in, which also applies to the Groene Ezel in Heemskerk. The non-profit association works mainly with volunteers and it does not intend to comply with the registration obligation. According to them, it is “impossible to keep track of everything” and it is even such a big eyesore that they fear for its survival.

It’s not an April 1 joke. The registration obligation, the Digital Purchasers Register (DOR), was devised to combat handling and money laundering and has existed for some time, but will be enforced from 1 April. And from that date, the registrations must also be kept digitally, instead of on paper. Customers must also identify themselves.

Trade association Kringloopbedrijven Nederland (BKN) has with the ministry agreements made about the registration requirement. “We have managed to make an exception for our members in the new law,” says Rachel Heijne of BKN. In that case, thrift store owners who are affiliated with BKN do not have to ask for identification and only have to register items that have a unique number, such as bicycles and telephones.

However, most thrift stores, especially the smaller ones, are not affiliated with this trade association. That also applies to the Green Donkey and she fears for its survival due to the registration requirement, as can be seen in the video above.