“Three years and only kissing?!”

Tom Egbers states that his three-year affair with a NOS intern consisted only of kissing, but that arouses suspicion in Aran Bade and Frank Dane. “I sincerely doubt that.”


Tom Egbers’ TV work is over for the time being now that de Volkskrant has revealed that he bullied and harassed a 26-year-younger trainee until she left NOS Sport. The reason? Their three-year affair had come to an end and led to a marital crisis with his wife Janke Dekker.

Frank skeptical

Tom has said on the talk show Khalid & Sophie that the affair consisted only of kissing. A strange story, Aran Bade thinks. The showbiz reporter chimes in RTL Boulevard that he is a little suspicious of that. “Tom Egbers says ‘only kissed’, but I honestly wonder that.”

Colleague Frank Dane also finds it a bit strange. “It’s a long time, isn’t it, just kissing for three years?”

Aran: “Yeah, that’s a long time and I can’t imagine it, but okay.”

“Why lie?”

Colleague Clarice Stenger breaks in from the stands. “But why would he lie about that?”

Frank: “Yes, again true.”

Lex Uiting: “If he lies about this, he will of course get it back like a boomerang. And guys: that doesn’t really matter in the end, does it, whether he tongued or did something else?”

Aran: “No, but it does say something about how he is in that story, I think.”

Ultimate remedy

According to Telegraaf star Wilson Boldewijn, there is a reason to lie about that. He tweets: “Both Danny de Munk and Tom Egbers only kissed. Is being kissed the ultimate means of keeping everything a little proportionate to the outside world? “My husband cheated for three years, but it’s not too bad because there was only kissing.”

A lot of things have also been confirmed by Tom, for example that he has called her names. Aran: “We heard people afterwards who were in the audience at Khalid & Sophie and who said: ‘He did say ‘the serpent’, he did say ‘the axis of evil’. You see: he did say it.’ That feeling stayed with me too.”


Frank thinks Tom should be back on TV. “He came across as very sympathetic to me. I thought, well, if it’s just one incident… Of course there’s a mess between two people having an affair. I thought: yes, he can actually do Studio Sport again tomorrow.”

These kinds of reactions of pity for Tom cause annoyance in other people: