Three tough guys from HFC battle the elements in Kratje Trap: “Super Cold”

The recent winter weather does not really invite you to kick a ball outside. Yet Koninklijke HFC has three tough girls who can battle the elements and give everything for a high score in Kratje Trap. “It’s super cold, but it will be fine.”

Three players taped together try to score as many points as possible. They are given 15 balls and 2.30 minutes for this. If the ball flies into the goal, it scores 3 points. The crates yield many more points.

Standing Crate Trap (3rd period):

1. VVH / Velserbroek 2 56 points
2. Success 6 53 points
3. Dune edge S 3 49 points
4. Zeeburgia 3 41 points
5. DCS women 1 37 points
6. Royal HFC MO17-1 28 points
7. ?