Johan Derksen is not going to make his apologies to Thierry Baudet. People with district heating may find themselves in the cold and new life for a historic cafe. That and more in today’s news that you (might have) missed.

    Heat pump and district heating not so cheap after all

    After the first joy about the energy ceiling, which hopefully means that many Dutch people do not have to sit in the cold, there are now also critical notes to be heard. The Consumers’ Association sees that people who have stopped using gas (and who have a heat pump, for example) barely getting better of government plans.

    And about half a million households do not yet know where they stand with their energy bill, because they have district heating. In the hasty plans of the cabinet nothing has been decided yet.

    Pub of 110 years open again

    Who remembers cafe De Burcht? The historic cafe was empty for 4 years, but reopens today with new owners. Erik Kremer used to come here sometimes to play billiards. “Then we ate mussels. Mussels and meatballs were part of the De Burcht cafe”

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    a report? They just do. I don’t give a shit’

    Johan Derksen is not going to apologize to Thierry Baudet for his comment that the politician liquidated must be. Derksen added that it was a slip of the tongue and that therefore he sees no reason to say sorry.

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    Honored Audience!

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    The Germans are coming (for petrol)

    Was it the other way around, this month drive German drivers to the Netherlands to refuel more cheaply. Because the excise duties on fuels in Germany went up on 1 September, gasoline is now cheaper in the Netherlands than there.

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