Those who know these programming languages ​​earn the best

The American website found out the programming languages ​​whose experts are currently paid the most. Colourbox

The tenth highest paid Java developers in the United States this year. Their average salary is over 100,000 euros per year.

DevJobsScanner has found out among more than 200 programming languages ​​the ones whose skills will get the highest salary in the United States in 2023.

Below is a list of the ten programming languages ​​that bring the highest salaries to their experts, as well as the average annual income of each, rounded to euros.

10. Java

Among the top ten is Java. Job offers usually require a high level of experience from people who know Java. The average annual salary of a Java developer is slightly more than 108,000 euros.

9. Python

One of the most popular programming languages, python, overtakes Java with higher salaries. Python is a dynamic high-level programming language used for scripting, tool and web application development, and data science. The average annual salary of a Python developer is around 115,000 euros.

8. Swift

Swift is a modern programming language developed by Apple that has several different uses. It is mostly used for developing iOS and Mac applications. The average annual salary of a Swift developer is slightly less than 117,000 euros.

7. Go

Launched by members of the Google team, go has gained popularity since 2007. A person skilled in this relatively simple and easy-to-use programming language in the United States receives on average around 119,500 euros per year.

6. Ruby

Ruby, which has been popular for several years, is alive and well. Ruby is primarily used for web development, but it can also be used for scripting, prototyping, and game development. A Ruby expert gets about a good 121,000 euros a year.

5. Scala

Among the top five is scala. It is a high-level programming language that was originally designed to address some of the weaknesses of Java. Scala developer Earns about 124,000 euros per year.

4. C/C++

With an average annual salary of around 125,000 euros, c++ experts get the fourth highest place in the comparison. C++ is widely used in various industries, for example in video games, servers, databases and space probes.


The developers of the programming language Abab are the third best paid. Abab is a high-level language created by SAP for developing applications on the SAP platform. Abab developers receive an average annual salary of around 126,000 euros.

2. Rust

The second highest paid programming language is Rust, with both its popularity and salaries clearly increasing. Rust is similar to c++, but has some more advanced features that make it an excellent choice for large, high-performance applications.

1. Solidity

The highest paid programming language in the United States in 2023 is solidity, which took first place with an average annual salary of almost 173,000 euros. The language invented by the Ethereum team is a high-level object-oriented programming language used to write the logic of smart contracts running on multiple blockchains.