those related to Yolanda Díaz stop any express pact with Podemos

03/24/2023 at 07:36


We can slide that the vice president has already reached an agreement with other formations such as IU or Más Madrid

Yolanda Díaz will make the leap to the generals at the end of the year without the presence of Podemos. The sectors related to the second vice president of the Government already take this scenario for granted given the impossibility of reaching an agreement against the clock with the party of Ione Belarra, which has already demanded to sign a series of conditions to offer its public support to the candidate for the next general elections. The Galician’s possible allies reproach the purples for this ultimatum, which they see as unrealizable: “This is not the time.”

the purple party slides that Yolanda Díaz would have already agreed with those parties who have confirmed their presence at Sumar’s debut, such as Izquierda Unida, Más Madrid, the commons of Ada Colau, commitmentthe PCE, the Chunta Aragonesista, Alianza Verde or dragon project. “We are not going to support a candidate for whom we have no guarantees“, they assure from the formation. “We want an agreement now”, point out other well-placed voices, which confirm that they will take the order to the end, and that the most visible faces of Podemos will not be at the electoral launch in case Díaz does not agree to your claims.

Podemos points to a pact in the shadow of Yolanda Díaz with other formations, a thesis that the forces involved reject

Faced with this accusation, for which Díaz would have reached a shadow agreement with other forces, the parties involved deny the major one. “there isn’t”“going to that act is a sign of harmony and willingness to reach an agreement. a first step“, they point out. The pressures of Podemos are raising the most yolandista sectors, who see in this strategy a way of trying to gain positions against the rest.

“We all want to agree rosters, positions and resources, we are not naive“, admit these voices. “But now is not the time“Now they play municipal and regional, then we will sit down,” they point out from these factions, where they respect the road map of the Vice President of the Government, who has differentiated the two electoral appointments and has made explicit her intention to focus only on the general ones .

The 28M campaign

The two main demands of the purple to the candidate is, on the one hand, his involvement in the campaign of the autonomic and municipal on May 28. An appointment where Podemos is at stake to continue being essential for the governability of the left in places like Valencian Community, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands or Aragon. Some places where his continuity as a relevant actor in regional politics is threatened.

Podemos transferred a formal request to Yolanda Díaz a few days ago to demand her presence in the campaign in these territories. In the party they assure that it is not a “negotiating condition”; They allege that obtaining good results in the regional ones is essential to achieve it in the general ones as well. Podemos thus seeks to link both electoral appointments, although the Galician has already distanced itself from the May elections.

The Galician has made it clear that she will limit her presence to where there is a broad agreement between the different leftist forces, which makes it difficult to support purple candidates in regions where there are other parties that are progressive referents, such as Compromís or Más Madrid, in some of the fiefdoms to which Podemos gives priority.

open primaries

The second request of the purple ones is, however, the one that is causing the most controversy, by claiming a open primary system to choose electoral lists. With this method, Podemos wants to do worth their militant machineryoiled for years and with organized teams of activists, facing the main lack of Yolanda Díaz, which today does not have a political organization to support itself. This circumstance is leading him to have to rely on the Sumar platform, trying to raise funds through donations and, above all, relying on allied formations, such as the commons of Ada ColauIzquierda Unida or the PCE, organizations that have cworked special relevance in the leader’s project.

The primaries are taken for granted everywhere, and Díaz herself has already confirmed that there will be votes, but the devil is in the details. Until now, all the electoral pacts of Podemos with other parties had been agreed between both directions, including the distribution of positions, economic and human resources, presence in the leadership and spokespersons or spaces of visibility. In the coalitions of previous leaderships, these agreements were later ratified by the membership of the formations involved.

militant muscle

But Podemos now claims a formula never used before, where it hopes that their bases support the purple candidates in the electoral lists to the detriment of the leaders of other formations, who They do not have the militant ‘army’ of the purples, one of the aspects that has strengthened the game the most. Next Saturday, April 15, during the so-called Spring Festival that the party organizes in Zaragoza, Podemos has called a “Assembly of activists” to mobilize the most supporters.

Pablo Iglesias has used his new platform, Canal Red, to put pressure on Díaz with this type of primaries, proposing different alternatives, such as a vote in which anyone can vote, whether or not they are members of the different organizations; or holding a process where the parties have a weight proportional to their membership. From the sectors of United We Can related to Díaz they point out the difficulty of these formulas, pointing to a future battle on the left: “The problem is not the primaries, but the preparation of the census”.