This satirical news site comes up with hilarious proverbs about Zoetermeer train station

The satirical news site De Speld criticizes everyday news and puts a creative spin on everyday things. The editors of De Speld sat down and came up with a parody of Zoetermeer train station. View eight hilarious proverbs below that all refer to the Nelson Mandela Bridge and Zoetermeer train station.

‘Do you ever feel like you are at Zoetermeer station?’ He asks the question The pin to his readers. With their eight proverbs they use the city of Zoetermeer, the Mandela Bridge and train stations in their expressions in a funny way.

The 8 proverbs of De Speld

  • Naming the bridge after Nelson Mandela.
    Giving something ugly a name that is far too positive.
  • As Zoetermeer station in the ugliest place in the Netherlands election.
    Becoming second to last.
  • Waiting for the intercity to Zoetermeer.
    Trying something that will never work.
  • Like a hamster in the tunnels of Zoetermeer station.
    Being completely in place.
  • Missing the last train at Zoetermeer station.
    Being really screwed.
  • Enter the station via the north entrance.
    Getting off to a bad start.
  • Lansingerland-Zoetermeer station.
    Always being seen as the lesser version of someone else.
  • Turn like the Zuidweg from Zoetermeer station.
    Changing your mind at the last minute.

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