This raw material is considered difficult and slow to prepare – Jyrki Sukula doesn’t understand Finns: “It’s the complete opposite”

Jyrki Sukula believes that using minced fish meat will make Finns eat more fish.

Last week, Jyrki Sukula had time to visit Finland again. Home is in Italy. Eeva Paljakka

Some Finns eat it every week, some find it difficult to prepare, some don’t buy at least domestically.

It’s about fish, of course.

This chef and all-rounder in the food industry Jyrki Sukula wants a change. Preferably right away. In order for as many people as possible to buy domestic fish, Sukula and his team have developed a new form of rainbow trout: minced meat.

Fish mince from other manufacturers is already on sale in stores, but now the selection is growing with fresh mince from Saimaa. It is made from small fish fillets and skinless fillet cuts.

Saimaa’s fresh rainbow salmon mince is in many ways like basic mince. Eeva Paljakka

It is hoped that minced meat will also attract those who only eat this kind of fish in sushi or on fish sticks to use domestic fish.

Minced fish meat is also the answer for those who find fish difficult to prepare. In addition, it is prepared quickly, as it is fried in a few minutes.

According to Sukula, rainbow trout fillet mince is suitable where traditional mince is: in tomato pasta sauces, as a filling for tacos, with fried rice, boxed meals, buns and steaks.

As much as 80 percent of the fish consumed in Finland comes from abroad, mainly from Norway.

Shops offer fishmeal from several manufacturers. Eeva Paljakka

Sukula believes that Finns haven’t developed the habit of eating fish, because its price fluctuates wildly, and that’s why it’s not on the dinner plate every week.

Saimaa’s fresh rainbow trout grow in circulating water tanks in Varkaus. Water filtration and precise temperature regulation guarantee the best growing conditions for the fish all year round. It also keeps the price, quality and availability of fish steady.

Sukula reveals that the location of the third factory has already been mapped. There are empty paper mills in Finland, which are especially well suited for growing fish in a closed water cycle.

He doesn’t understand many people’s fear that fish is difficult to prepare or that it would take time. Vice versa.

– No matter what you do with the fish, nothing takes time. The only way to spoil fish is to overcook it. Fish is so easy that people don’t trust that it’s really that easy, Sukula states.

He wants to diversify the diet of Finns and have good-tasting, easy-to-prepare and healthy food for our everyday life.