200 new, bright green waste bins have been installed in Zoetermeer. Some bins have a bracket on the top. Can you put your coffee cup there, or something? We ask the municipality.

    The poisonous green waste bins have gone from 50 liters to 70 liters. In some places there is a need for larger bins. Mainly in the neighborhoods Buytenwegh de Leyens, the Center, Rokkeveen, Seghwaert and Oosterheem. But also at playgrounds, skating rinks, shopping centers and near secondary schools, according to research by the municipality.

    A very sweet reason

    Only on the walking route between the Stadshart and the Village, via the Marseillepad, are waste bins with rings at the top. Usually next to a bench, making it seem like you can put your drinking cup in it. But according to a spokesperson for the municipality, it is for a very sweet reason.

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    Waste bin with rings. Photo: near Zoetermeer

    The five black-colored round shapes are so-called donation rings. If you normally want to throw your deposit bottle in the bin: put it in the donation ring. Because that way you help other Zoetermeer residents with extra pocket money. According to the municipality, it is a shame to throw deposits in the trash. Why not gift it to someone else who will take the trouble to hand in the bottle at the supermarket?


    The donation rings will remain at least until the autumn. The municipality then checks whether it is a success. It is then also decided whether they will stay.

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