This is what Beyonce looks like now – the hair shade also suits a Finn

The superstar launched his own hair brand at the same time.

Just a moment ago, Beyoncé was seen in a platinum blonde hairstyle. Image from the superstar’s social media from early 2024. Stella Pictures, All Over Press

Beyoncé has changed her platinum blonde hair color to a warmer blonde. The new shade is also familiar to Finns, almost road brown flavored with light and warm stripes.

Behind the new honey hair color, which is probably close to Beyoncé’s natural shade, is her trusted hairdresser Rita Hazan.

This is what Beyoncé looks like in the promotional photos for the new Cécred hair brand. Honey blonde highlights the star’s skin tone. Cécred

Throughout the years, platinum blonde, almost pure white, has been a trendy color, which many young women have nevertheless trusted in the midst of all the fuss about naturalness. Platinum blonde is a very unnatural hair color, especially for young or dark-skinned people. That’s why Beyoncé’s hair has caused both admiration and wonder from picture to picture and gig to another.

Paired with really pale skin, icy platinum blonde makes the wearer of the cuters look twice as pale. If the hair color is uniformly white, it is very unkind to the skin, and at least does not make it glow. A hint of warm honey among the blonde locks will do wonders for the whole look.

In recent years, Beyoncé has been seen in platinum blonde hair especially in photos and concerts of the Renaissance tour. His curls were still almost white on Valentine’s Day 2024. Splash/Backgrid /, All Over Press

Another new celebrity brand

It is said that Beyoncé wears a lot of wigs when she performs, although even her natural locks are lovely on Takuu. Glory to naturalness, because now Beyoncé has launched her own hair care brand. The selection of the new Cécred brand looks extremely luxurious with its white and glass bottles.

According to the first reviews, Queen B’s hair products make your own hair shiny like glass. The products are advertised to also bring strength, moisture and well-being to the hair. Referring to Beyoncé’s own hair quality, we bet that the superstar’s hair brand will be a favorite especially with curly hair.

Sources: IL archive, Byrdie.