‘This is really bad’

Jeffrey Wirtz, the new sidekick of Beau van Erven Dorens, was nabbed for the first time in Today Inside. The male trio finds his behavior trivial. “Really bad.”


The chemistry between Beau van Erven Dorens and his new sidekick Jeffrey Wirtz is not yet optimal. The presenter is visibly uncomfortable the day before yesterday when Jeffrey Wirtz puts a pancake on his head because of some banter and then walks to the table with a stack of pancakes. Beau doesn’t want to bother his guests with that.


To join in the fun, Beau puts a pancake on his head. And all because November 29 is a holiday in the comic strip Jan, Jans and the children: Sint Pannekoek. What is it about, Johan Derksen responds Today Inside. “I’d like a pancake on my head, wouldn’t you?”

Wilfred Genee: “Hahaha. Is that possible or not tonight? Is that possible?”

René van der Gijp bewildered: “What are they doing?”

Johan: “They are chasing people away.”


René also thinks it is very poor that Jeffrey goes to see if it is snowing outside at some point. He comes back into the studio with his hands folded and then notices that the snow has melted. René: “Also like: ‘Hey, why don’t you take a look outside to see if it’s snowing.’ Who is going to ask that to someone at the table?”

Johan cynically: “I would like to propose that we get that sidekick here, because he is very good.”

René: “He said: ‘Take a look outside to see if there is snow.’ And then some guy comes in with his hands together and he says, “Oh, it’s melted.” Guys, come on please, hey!”

Sting at the table

And all while world star Sting was in the studio. René: “That’s not the least, isn’t it?”

Johan: “It’s sacrilege if you sell that kind of nonsense while Sting is the guest.”

René: “This is very bad.”