“This is one grumpy, angry teacher!”

Floor Bremer has never been criticized so badly in her career. The RTL News journalist gets the full brunt of it from media critic Victor Vlam. “She is a grumpy, angry teacher!”


While media critic Victor Vlam is a big fan of Merel Ek, he throws up on the political interpreter of RTL News: 48-year-old Floor Bremer. According to him, she is ‘the worst political interpreter in the Netherlands’. “As far as I’m concerned, once in history. There is no one worse. When she is in a talk show, that is a really big sigh moment for me.”

‘Here we go again’

Victor gets sick as hell when he sees Floor on television. “That I think: ah, no, here we go again. “I have been wondering for a long time why she is on talk shows at all, but I think I have an answer to that, namely that it simply has to be done by RTL, because of course she is from RTL Nieuws,” he says in the podcast The Communicados.

Floor does not excel positively in any area, he believes. According to Victor, she always tells a standard story. And chemistry with the talk show hosts? “No one has ever had chemistry with her. It really makes you think: there is even an opposite of chemistry. For example, Merel Ek does have chemistry with the others at the table at Today Inside.”

Angry teacher

Floor’s presentation is also terrible, according to Victor. “She really is a kind of angry teacher who speaks to you in a grumpy way. You feel like you had to pay a lot more attention. She’s mad at you. And in that tone she talks about politics. Then I think to myself: it’s not a nice presentation at all.”

It is ‘dramatic’, he thinks. “Why always so angry, Floor? Now be kind.”

Less and less often

It will be a challenge for Ewart van der Horst, the producer of RTL’s late talk shows, to invite her, Victor thinks. “He thinks: if I don’t invite her, I will get an angry phone call from Peter van der Vorst, I don’t want that, well, let’s invite her again.”

He concludes: “But you can see that I think it is also with great reluctance now, because she is there less and less often. She has been on that talk show for four years, but you see that they are asking more and more people. You now also see Elodie Verweij and Joost Vullings, so that they can rotate between those people and it is Floor Bremer less and less often.”