This is how the new Bizarrap Music Sessions #55 with Featherweight sounds

06/01/2023 at 02:02


The Mexican has been chosen for the new Bizarrap collaboration

The song has gone viral within hours of its publication.

Bizarrap has been placed at the top of the music industry. Although it has been sweet for a couple of years, the Argentine producer has swept real hits along with Shakira, Villano Antillano and, above all, Quevedo. ‘Stay’ has been the anthem on dance floors and festivals around the world.

Bizarrap and Featherweight have collaborated for session number 55 of the Argentinean project. The session had to maintain the bar of those of Quevedo and Shakira, which had been so well received among the fans.

Featherweight is revolutionizing the Mexican industry, a 23-year-old Mexican singer of corridos tumbados with hits like ‘Ella baila sola’ who lives a very sweet musical moment and is a very prominent figure in Latin American urban music.

A catchy chorus, a production that flirts with trap and urban music and the already classic recording studio that crowns the entire song at an audiovisual level. All the ingredients for both of them to top the music charts during these weeks.

We’ll see if this session achieves the levels of success of its predecessors, for the moment the song has skyrocketed the number of reproductions and is flooding the networks, hours after its publication.

He Mexican artist is one of the best-known faces in the Latin music scene.