QS by S.Oliver, the younger line of the Rottendorf fashion retailer S.Oliver, now wants to reach young people with streetwear.

    The brand has been in a state of upheaval since the beginning of the year. In March there was a brand relaunch with further development of the collection. The fashion retailer is now targeting the top discipline in the field of young fashion: streetwear.

    According to an invitation to the event, QS is organizing a ‘Secret Underground Fashion Show’ with the associated after-show party under the motto “Wear can’t be more streetwear”. However, the company did not choose one of the many underground clubs that the capital has to offer for this, but the event location ‘The Tunnel’. The location, also known as the U3 train station, is underground but is used more for exclusive events, galas and trade fairs than being connected to youth and party culture.

    QS by s.Oliver x BVG. Image: S.Oliver

    QS X Berlin transport company

    One reason for the choice of location could be the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), which is listed on the invitation as a cooperation partner. It is not clear to what extent the BVG are involved and whether there will even be a ‘QS X BVG’ collaboration – in good streetwear fashion like with Adidas a few years ago.

    There will also be ‘Special Music Acts’ at the event. The brand already provided a suitable foretaste on the social media channels and YouTube at the beginning of the month. A collaboration with the German-speaking rapper Jamule, who performs his song “Sei Jemand” in the QS denim collection, was presented there. The comments of the YouTube users are quite positive: “They just made a blatant song for new clothes – heavy thing – best advertising ever,” writes the user Matheus.

    Video: QS by s.Oliver

    Another user comments on the cooperation and the German fashion industry’s increased interest in hip-hop culture: “S.Oliver also wants something from the hip-hop cake,” writes Anacker93 with a laughing smiley.

    How much Streetwear cred QS will ultimately get from the young target group and how the collection presented at the event will be received remains to be seen.