This is how HIFK reacts to the Jokers’ possible return to the Finnish Championship

In the Finnish Ice Hockey League, Helsinki’s local matches will be played again in the period 2023–24, if the Jokers’ plans come true.

The matches between HIFK and the Jokers have already been a good one. Roni Rekomaa / AOP

Sales Director of the Finnish Ice Hockey League Helsinki IFK, who will take over as CEO at the beginning of May Markus Lindström heard the rest of the puck like the next Finland The goal of the Jokers to return to the League for the period 2023–24.

The Jokers left the League behind after the 2013-14 season. Since then, only HIFK from the capital has played in the main series. How would the club react to the return of its old competitor?

– Of course we have nothing against it. Welcome, as long as the criteria for a league license are met and as far as things go, Lindström comments.


HIFK is used to the fact that there are no Jokers in the League. If the plans for the t-shirts come true, next season will be the last season before Stadin’s locals play again at home.

Lindström says it is “exciting to see” how the return of the Jokers would affect HIFK.

He recalls that now has been a long time without local matches and has been replaced by new, interesting match pairs.

However, local events are unique events.

– Reflecting history, the local matches gave a lot of discussion to the coffee tables. On the measure of the attractiveness of the entire League, it would give an interesting impetus, and from the perspective of the Helsinki metropolitan area, the discussion and interest around hockey would increase, Lindström reflects.


The Helsinki Ice Rink on Nordenskiöldinkatu is HIFK’s home cave. Tomi Natri / AOP

The return of the jokers is not uncomplicated. As Lindström said, league licenses and hall issues need to be clarified first.

– In announcing their own timetable, they have certainly taken these factors into account, that there are these steps that need to be traversed.

Could the Jokers play on Nordenskiöldinkatu when the Helsinki arena is not an option? Can the Jokers fit in Nordis?

– I can’t really comment on that, Lindström says.

In the season 2022–23, the Helsinki Joker’s representative team will not play in any series, but the junior teams will continue to operate normally.