iMessage on iPhone has some useful and aesthetic features. TECHBOOK shows how you can send handwritten messages via your iPhone.

    Apple’s iPhone continues to enjoy popularity. Users appreciate the self-contained system and the reliability of the devices. In addition, the smartphones offer many useful small functions that are sometimes somewhat hidden. In this article, TECHBOOK explains you step by step how to send iPhone messages in handwriting.

    Send handwritten iPhone messages

    In addition to the normal keyboard, you can also use a handwriting mode on your iPhone. Note, however, that this only applies to Apple’s messaging app iMessage. TECHBOOK explains how this works.

    1. Open iMessage on your iPhone.
    2. Select the chat you want to use to send the handwritten message.
    3. Rotate your iPhone so you can see and use the landscape display.
    4. A new symbol can now be seen on the keyboard, in the bottom line, two fields to the right of the space bar and to the left of the microphone button. Tap on this icon.
    5. A large white box will appear in which to write your message. Use either your finger or the Apple Pencil to do this. With the latter, more precise spellings are possible. If the field is too small, there is still some room to the right by swiping your finger slightly to the left. However, the function is not suitable for longer messages in a row.
    6. When you are done, confirm with the button in the top right corner of the field.

    You can use “Undo” in the top left of the field to undo the last action you performed at any time. If you want to switch back to the normal keyboard in the meantime, you can do this using the corresponding symbol at the bottom right. A few short greetings such as “Hello” or “Congratulations” have already been saved. any iPhone message you handwrite is also stored so you can resend it.

    Alternatives for other messengers

    Incidentally, the option was introduced together with the special effects for iMessage. These enable, among other things, writing with secret ink. The option just explained only works with iMessage. If you also want to send messages in handwriting with the iPhone, you can do that as well.

    Apps such as “Fonts” are easy to install on the iPhone. You can then find them in your smartphone’s settings under Keyboards, where you can activate them. With messengers like WhatsApp, you can then make appropriate changes in a message when the keyboard is open within the service.

    Conversely, apps like “Pen to print“ The scanning of handwritten texts, which are then converted into digital text.