This is how Bitcoin, Litecoin & Co are developing on the crypto market on Sunday afternoon

Bitcoin is in plus at 12:26. The Bitcoin price is currently 1.82 percent higher at $69,755.35. The day before, the price was $68,511.19.

Bitcoin Cash is also increasing. The Bitcoin Cash price increased by 0.08 percent at 12:25 to 434.22 US dollars, after Bitcoin Cash was still worth 433.88 US dollars the day before.

Meanwhile, Ethereum is in the black. Compared to the previous day (US$3,915.77), it increased by 0.71 percent to US$3,943.69.

Meanwhile, Litecoin is in the red. Compared to the previous day (90.96 US dollars), it fell by -2.48 percent to 88.70 US dollars.

At the same time, the Ripple price is barely moving. After $0.6223 the day before, Ripple is trending at $0.6213 at 12:26.

Meanwhile, the Cardano price is going down. Cardano lost -1.85 percent to 0.7311 US dollars, after yesterday it was still 0.7448 US dollars on the board.

In addition, the Monero price is on the rise. At 12:26 p.m., Monero rose 2.10 percent to $146.93, after reporting a value of $143.90 the day before.

In addition, IOTA appreciates at 12:25. It rose 3.16 percent to $0.3525 after trading at $0.3417 the day before.

At the same time, the Verge price is hardly moving. After trading at $0.0063 the day before, Verge is trading at $0.0062 at 12:25 p.m.

Stellar is also moving sideways. At 12:25 a price of 0.1426 US dollars was noted. The day before, the Stellar price was at 0.1426 US dollars.

Meanwhile, NEM barely moves. On Sunday afternoon the NEM price was 0.0547 US dollars, the previous day’s value was 0.0540 US dollars.

In the meantime, the Dash rate posted gains of 0.92 percent to $40.93. The day before, Dash was worth $40.56.

In addition, NEO fell by -0.46 percent to $17.30. The day before, the price was $17.38.

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