This health insurer connects your neighbourhood: read how here

Zorg en Zekerheid: the health insurer from the neighbourhood, for the neighbourhood. The people from the area are central to this organization. They really stand up for the care and interests of the environment. If you know where the need lies, you will get more done. Nothing could be further from the truth and that applies to Care and security.

In a hectic, digital world, mental health has become just as important as physical health. Society is changing and that’s where it plays the insurer on in. But how exactly do they do that?

Mental and social fitness

What makes the health insurer unique are the initiatives for the neighbourhood. It is about the important message: better in your neighborhood and working together on health. Zorg en Zekerheid opts for the connection. For example, they organize social activities, such as the Buurtcamping and basketball games for young people.

Neighborhood campsite

Both initiatives have one important pillar: connecting neighbors. At the Buurtcamping they bring residents together and this creates a feeling of home and friendships. Better a good neighbor than a distant friend!


How nice is it to spend some extra time with your peers? For that reason, local basketball organizations are supported. Young people get to know each other there and meanwhile play a game of basketball with each other. So you are still working on you basketball skills. A win-win!

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Ready for a game of basketball | Photo: Care and Security


Feeling sick is not always related to physical health, in other words: there is not always a medical cause. Many people experience an overwrought feeling. Sometimes it can help to talk to someone about this. That is why you can be referred to a welfare coach in the area at Zorg en Zekerheid.

Some families do have to deal with a medical cause, such as cancer or dementia. That is a tough time for the family: a lot is coming at you and you have many questions. You can use guidance in this. You can also contact this organization for this. Extra help in a difficult time is really nice.

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Guidance during illness | Photo: Care and Security

In your neighborhood

Zorg en Zekerheid is really there for you. They have many more initiatives and offer help in different ways. Check the location of Care and security near you for more information and what they can do for you. Better together, who wouldn’t want that?