Changing the design of your site requires modifying its CSS. Concretely, it is the web language that makes it possible to make a site responsive and to personalize its visual appearance according to one’s desires.

    Transforming your CSS requires some coding knowledge and a bit of time, especially since few tools offer the possibility of editing CSS in real time. However, some solutions make this task easier, such as In Tab. It allows you to easily and visually modify the CSS of your site.

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    InTab is an extension. It is available on several browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera. Its installation only takes a few seconds. To start using it, just go to the page of its site, and click on the tool icon. A black and dark blue window appears.

    To edit your CSS, you have to click on the right “Edit CSS”, then on “Visual Editor”. A second window appears on the screen. It consists of two tabs:

    The “Visual Editor”, which allows you to change the place of the elements of your site and to modify the font, size and colors in one click. It is even possible to add effects;
    The “CodeEditor”. The site code is generated automatically as changes are made in the Visual Editor.

    Let’s say the user designs the home page of his site. All he has to do is click on “Position” to move paragraphs. They can choose their location and modify the justification and alignment of their text in just a few clicks. Thanks to sliders, it easily changes the size of the font. He can add a background, and define the spacing between the different elements added to his page. No notion of code is necessary. In case of corrections to be made, it is possible to visually debug its CSS.

    InTab is a tool that aims to make the daily life of front end developers and UI/UX designers easier. Its objective is also to make it easier for creators or business leaders who are not familiar with the code.

    The extension can be tried directly on the site ofIn Tab. To get it, you have to go to the AppSumo marketplace. Right now, the tool is available for $39 for life instead of $120. At this price, all features are included.

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