This autumn, the collared shirt will be worn in a new way – Look and be surprised

These outfits have one thing in common: the classic collared shirt. This fall, it’s anything but boring.

The unfailing mainstay of the wardrobe, the collared shirt, suffers unnecessarily from the reputation of a boring piece of clothing.

We collected seven outfit ideas in which a stylish collared shirt shines. Save these outfits in your mind for those days when you’re lacking living inspiration.

Buttons open

The collared shirt is very suitable as a light jacket or as a replacement for a jacket. An oversized collared shirt looks good with, for example, a minimal skirt or dress.

Under the jacket

British supermodel Kate Moss shows that the classic way of combining a collared shirt with a blazer always works. Leave the hem of the shirt fluttering over the jeans and the top buttons open, and the luxurious jacket becomes a degree more relaxed.

With a miniskirt

A colorful collared shirt instantly adds oomph to an outfit. The loose top combined with the tight bottom works nicely.

The sizing of an oversized shirt looks especially good with a leg-baring miniskirt. The waist is accentuated when you tuck the hem of the shirt into the skirt.

Jennifer Hudson All Over Press

Knit under the jacket

When autumn comes, the collared shirt goes especially well with a soft puffer jacket. A sweater is more relaxed than a jacket, but still stylish. The fresh colors stand out even more against the white collared shirt.

Paired with patterned trousers

The most classic version of all, i.e. a white collared shirt, nicely balances the patterns of the patterned trousers or skirt.

Bottom buttons open

Button the collar all the way up, but leave the bottom buttons open. This is how you give a sensual glimpse of your stomach. Try pairing with high-waisted jeans or bottoms.

Maisie Williams All Over Press

With a tie

A masculine tie is suitable for a collared shirt regardless of gender. A striking attitude jacket and sultry patterned trousers and high heels complete the look.