Think only of Jewish children: Liliana Segre sues Elena Basile

THEOn February 6th, in a video on social media, the former diplomat Elena Basile he had accused Liliana Segre to be «tormented only by the thought of Jewish children» and not to be interested in the Palestinian children who are dying due to the war in the Middle East. An accusation too infamous for senator for life, who, despite her great calmness, could not help but respond. And, in fact, the lawsuit already announced was filed yesterday by the senator’s lawyer.

Liliana Segre: «Together against hateful language and barbarization of debate»

Liliana Segre sues former diplomat Elena Basile

The words of the former Italian ambassador to Belgium, released in a video on Facebook, have not only mortified Segre, but many citizens who they immediately sided in favor of first-hand witnessing of the Holocaust. «Dear Mrs. Segre – says Basile – you say you can no longer sleep thinking about the Jewish children killed on 7 October. She tells us how her memory is tormented not only on her memorial day, but for 365 days by what she experienced in the concentration camps. But dear lady, Is it possible that you are tormented only by thoughts of Jewish children? Palestinian children don’t touch it? Do you understand that there are mutilated children lying on the ground in addition to the dead ones, one every 4-5 minutes?”.

Absurd accusations for the Holocaust witness

Definitely too much for Holocaust survivor which, moreover, is not even the first time that he has had to resort to legal action against the defamatory accusations of the so-called “haters”. A situation which, unfortunately, since the conflict broke out in the Middle East, has significantly worsened, to the point that the many sharings of the video, according to the lawyers, have caused a hate speech effect which would have put the senator who has already been living under guard since 2019 in further danger.

It is not the first time that Liliana Segre has had to take legal action against the defamatory accusations of so-called “online haters” (Photo by Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images)

Criminal and civil complaint, proceeds go to charity

In addition to proceeding in criminal proceedings, Segre’s son, the lawyer Luciano Belli Paci, also instructed the lawyers to proceed in civil proceedings to have the messages removed: «My mother – wrote Belli Paci – has been repeating for months in every occasion of being distressed by the fate of all the children involved in the war, without distinction between Israelis and Palestinians.” Naturally, the senator immediately specified that any compensation will be entirely donated to charity.

Elena Basile’s apologies

Upon the declaration that a complaint would be filed, Basile had apologized to Liliana Segre through a long message in which he expressed strong regret «for a terrible misunderstanding» provoked «by an interview perhaps read superficially». The former ambassador had “humbly apologized to the Senator” for having hurt her, adding that “that was not her intention”.

For Segre’s son they are not enough

A message for Segre’s son that wouldn’t have been enough to drop the lawsuitas Basile, despite having recognized in his anomalous apology message that he had completely distorted the senator’s thoughts, «he did not remove his videohas not published a rectification video and has not taken any action to stop the proliferation of his defamatory message».