‘Things are not going well for Ron Brandsteder’

There really seems to be something going on with Ron Brandsteder. First he just doesn’t show up for work and then he loses his job. What is it? “The cheerfulness is gone from his life.”


It is undeniably very strange: Ron Brandsteder simply didn’t show up for work one day in May. The 73 year old legend had to do his radio show and everyone was there except Ron. At one point they had hurriedly pulled Angela Groothuizen out of a bar somewhere to take over that late Friday evening show.

Lots of noise

And oh, oh, oh… How did that Angela misspoke live on the radio. Instead of just saying that she was filling in that evening because Ron had a day off, she decided to reveal on national radio that no one at Omroep MAX had any idea why he didn’t show up.

Angela was speculating all kinds of things for a few hours, so the media jumped on it. MAX came up with a strange excuse about miscommunication, but Ron’s ex Patty Brard didn’t believe it. She was in Shownieuws hinting at drinking. MAX then suddenly shouted again that Ron simply had a day off and his wife refused to respond.

Farewell to Rob

As if there weren’t enough excuses already, Ron declared at one point that he was ill: “I wasn’t having a good day, I was a bit physical, I was ehhh, I wasn’t feeling well.”

Anyway: last month it was announced that Ron’s program will be completely removed from the radio after all these years. His very last episode is next Friday and we won’t hear from him anymore. He may still do an occasional guest role, such as recently in Even Tot Hier, but in principle this is Ron’s media farewell.

‘Something is going on’

But what if Ron doesn’t want to say anything, neither does his wife, Angela knows nothing and Jan Slagter remains silent? Then there is always the renowned medium Liesbeth van Dijk, who is so good track record has that she is the personal advisor to wealthy celebrities such as Harry Mens.

What does Liesbeth think of the Ron Brandsteder situation? “There’s something going on with him that I can’t get my hands on. The cosmos only wants to tell me that the cheerfulness has disappeared from his life because his health is slowly failing him,” she says in the weekly magazine Privé.

Severe depression

Wow, that would just be really bad. Liesbeth: “Ron has become a introverted man. It’s like he’s struggling with depression. I see him leaving his house next year. It is not clear to me where he will live.”

Maybe an assisted living home or the Rosa Spier House? Liesbeth doesn’t know. “It’s as if the cosmos is also keeping the door closed to me in that respect. He ends his showbiz career with his last radio program…”

Just Until Here

Ron recently starred with a small guest role in Even Tot Hier, perhaps the last time we saw him on TV: