Thijs Zeeman returns to criticizing Yvonne: ‘Fair is fair’

Thijs Zeeman returns to his harsh criticism of Yvonne Coldeweijer. The juice queen turned out to be right about the investigation into Tim den Besten. “Fair is fair.”


Yvonne Coldeweijer has rarely been attacked as hard as she was attacked last week juice about Tim den Besten. She then reported that there was a police investigation and a journalistic investigation into the VPRO star, but that news was greatly overshadowed a few hours later. Then the presenter’s lawyer announced that Tim was suffering from cancer.

Critical Thijs

According to Tim’s lawyer, that is why he stopped working and it was precisely that claim that led to Yvonne being vilified unprecedentedly. The tenor of the criticism? Yvonne is completely wrong and has forced Tim to come out as a cancer patient. According to Rob Goossens, Tim only received the cancer diagnosis after he stopped working.

RTL presenter Thijs Zeeman joined the criticism. “Nice, those juice channels…” he wrote angrily X. “Really an enrichment. It’s nice to throw all the gossip out into the world unconfirmed. And hey, it turns out to be dramatically different, that’s all part of the fun, right? Tim den Besten could easily have included this, right?”

Furious Talitha

Thijs wondered whether it was not libel and slander. “I don’t know what happens with these types of channels. It seems to me that he can take steps just like anyone else. But yes, rubbing the stain is very unwise and I think he has quite a few other things on his mind. Because of its reach, this form of gossip is extremely dangerous.”

Talitha Muusse, who sees herself as Yvonne’s arch enemy, even advocated a juice ban. “You should actually be able to ban juice channels. But if everyone who follows this junk would just take responsibility and stop doing it, that would be a start. What a meanness.”

Yvonne is right

Well, this week Yvonne turned out to be right: Het Parool published a major article about Tim and the police confirmed that three reports have been filed against him. And the day after he first received a call from the newspaper, he stopped working. Only days later did he receive his cancer diagnosis, according to Rob Goossens.

Yvonne gives a middle finger to all the critics who attacked her. “And where is your big mouth now? The TRUTH always comes out. And using your illness because it suits you better, that is really lower than low. It only motivates me to continue, because all those celebrities… Guys, they are really crazy.”

Thijs agrees

Thijs resigned after the publication of Het Parool. “To be fair, Het Parool broke the news that Den Besten is suspected of stealing and abusing the identities of several victims. That is serious,” he writes on X.

However, he maintains that in his opinion this type of news does not belong on a juice channel. “It’s good that a thorough article and research reveals this abuse. That is essentially different from ‘juice’.”

But, as Telegraaf presenter Wilson Boldewijn delicately notes: “Did Yvonne have a point after all?”