Thijs Zeeman is disgusted by Op1 performance Pieter Omtzigt: ‘Man, man!’

Thijs Zeeman is really done with Pieter Omtzigt. The politician was in Op1 last night and the RTL 5 presenter was green and yellow annoyed by that. “Man, man, man.”


Pieter Omtzigt sat at the Op1 talk show table because he believes that the power of the cabinet has gone too far. He criticizes the fact that as a member of parliament of a coalition party you are always expected to vote for what the top decides. “I also sometimes did not end up on the list, as you know, so I also know what the penalty was if you did not follow the line once. In 2012.”

Thijs bashs Pieter

It annoys Thijs Zeeman, presenter of programs on RTL 5. “Am I the only one who is now completely tired of Omtzigt? That constant complaining in combination with that victim role… His tenacity has really paid off, sure, but man man man he also gives a mountain of negative energy. my goodness”, he tweets.

Thijs gets support from some people. Johan says: “At a certain point it becomes a kind of mantra. Really think that this man, despite a large following, has had his day. We need to move forward instead of always looking back. I miss that shoulder-to-shoulder mentality with him. And unfortunately for many others too.”


However, there are also people who do not think Thijs’s criticism is justified. Guido says: “No. This is a Member of Parliament who takes his monitoring task seriously, instead of the collide that is called a coalition.”

And Hans: “No. I really liked him again at Op1. He seems to be the only one who sees through all of Rutte’s dirty tricks. He is concerned about the consequences, such as those extra 5,000 families below social assistance level. He fights for those people.”

Nick thinks the same way: “If only more MPs were like him.”


Thijs’ tweet: