Anice Khalfouni, better known to all as Anis, a 29 year old resident of the Valencian neighborhood of La Plata, was found dying, in a situation of brain death, dumped on a street Valencia at dawn last July 28. He had been in this state for hours without anyone having given him any help and at the level of his heart he had a stab wound, apparently caused by a screwdriver, as the investigations later determined. Barely four days later his death was confirmed at the Hospital La Fe de Valènciato which he was referred from the hospital center of Doctor Peset, given his seriousness.

    After half a month of investigations, the Homicide group of the Valencia National Police identified and arrested this Wednesday the alleged perpetrator of the crime, a 34-year-old prisoner who was on leave when he allegedly killed his victim. He is initially charged with felony murder. pending a possible further qualification for murder, if it is shown that Anis had no possibility of defense, as the family of the deceased believes and the evidence indicates – he did not present defensive injuries –

    “They treacherously killed my son and left him lying in the street like a dog,” cries inconsolable Sara, mother of the murdered young man, who he was in Algeria when he received a call from one of his daughters alerting him that Anis was in a coma, brain dead, after being stabbed. The woman recounts that she immediately tried to take a plane to Spain to be with her son in those last moments but that there were no flights and by sea she would not have arrived on time either. So she took a plane with a stopover in France and from there she traveled to Valencia, to arrive just before the doctors disconnected the young man from the machines that kept him alive on August 2.

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    “He wanted to donate his organs because he had a healthy body, to be able to save other people’s lives, but it couldn’t be because they needed the whole body for the autopsy as it was a murder,” argues the mother of Anis, whose corpse finally only he was able to donate the corneas of his eyes.

    Investigations into the circumstances in which the young man was attacked continue. According to the sources consulted by this newspaper, the day before the alleged murderer, along with four other people, had already attacked the victim and he had shown strong resistance. “They couldn’t with him, that’s why they treacherously killed him with a screwdriver”indicated relatives of the young man.

    Graffiti and flowers by Anis to keep her memory alive

    Anis, as everyone in the neighborhood knew him, was the oldest of five brothers. He came to Spain with just one year with his parents and had earned the love and respect of all those around him. In the park of the Plaza Doctor Torrens de València, where he used to meet with his friends, two graffiti in memory of him attest to this: «Eternal Anis» and «No one dies who leaves, only one who forgets dies» . Next to them until a few days ago there were flowers and candles in an improvised altar in his name. “For your real friends who love you, you have not left, you will always be in our hearts,” Ramón told him, who admits that at first he did not believe that he was dead. “He was a beautiful person with his whole life ahead of him,” adds Emilio. Anis had played as a soccer goalkeeper at Mislata until he was 21, but he had to give it up to work in the family business of roast chickens that his father had, who was disabled, on Sueca Street. He now earned a living pruning palm trees and doing odd jobs as a painter, his family indicates.