They investigate the dissemination of fights between adolescents in a Telegram group


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The National Police tries to identify the person responsible for the account where some thirty videos have been uploaded in which minors appear

The National Police investigates the dissemination through an open group of Telegram fights between adolescents and assaults on minors. In the images, in which show scenes of explicit violenceboth young people appear beating each other, while others cheer on the opponents, as well as cases of possible bullyingwhich should be carefully studied.

At the moment, the National Police is not aware that any complaint has been filed for these events, although the parents of one of the minors who appears in these videos being attacked did recognize their daughter in one of them, as they have been able to do. know this newspaper.

Punches, kicks, hair pulling and even wrestling holds, the images broadcast on this open Telegram channel reflect the violence that prevails among the youngest. The data from the memory of the Minors Prosecutor’s Office They already warned of this increase in violence, with more than a thousand minors, between the ages of 14 and 18, arrested for crimes of injury in 2020 in the province of Valencia.

Said Telegram channel, Created on January 23, it already has 743 subscribers, although since it is open, anyone who enters it can view and even download the aggressions between adolescents, with which the risk of diffusion of these violent acts skyrockets. In addition, by the physiognomy of the people who appear in them, it is clear that the vast majority would be minors, who, in some cases, are recognized. Therefore, those responsible for the dissemination could incur in crimes against privacy and the image of minors.

One of the fights between minors spread. |

Many of the videos that appear would have been recorded in the province of Valencia, although it is unknown when they were produced and if they are young people who stay expressly to hit each other and record it with their mobile phones. “Are you going to hit each other or what, I didn’t come down here for you to talk?”, is heard saying one of those attending these attacks. In another, under shouts of “give it up! and kill it!”a large group of teenagers, forming a circle, cheer on two kids who are hitting each other on the Alfons el Magnànim square in Valencia.

These are just some examples of the videos that can be seen on said channel, which has not yet been closed. The sources consulted by this newspaper warn of the difficulties posed in particular by this social network, based in Russiawhen judicially requesting the closure of the channel and identifying the group’s administrator.